Emergency Response Situations For Security Guards

Security guards are the first responders in an emergency situation. Since most organisations have security checks at the entrance and exit to supervise people going in and coming out, they are responsible for any problem arising due to a breach in security. They are also expected to step forward if a person needs emergency medical support or when the building is facing an accidental disaster like fire or flooding.

Whether it is an office space, commercial set-up or a government office, security personnel must take charge of the situation and get things under control. They are responsible for the safety and protection of the people working in the building and those who are visiting the premises. Here are the common emergency response situations that security guards encounter and overcome.

Injury or Cardiac Arrests

Accidents can occur anywhere and those suffering from medical conditions can face an emergency situation at any moment. Thus, security guards on duty should be ready to provide first aid in these conditions. They should be certified in these security training programs in NSW to control bleeding in case of injuries, administer CPR for heart attacks, monitor vital stats of an unconscious individual, etc. They should also have the knowledge of supporting people with mental health issues in case of a panic attack.

Fire or Flooding in the Building

Fires and flooding situations in a building can put a lot of lives in jeopardy. On several occasions, these emergencies have resulted in deaths due to electrocution and inhaling smoke. The security guards must know how to use fire extinguishers and fire hose present in the building to tackle the situation. They must rush as soon as the fire alarms start ringing and put it out before anyone is hurt. In case of flooding, they must turn off the source of water and switch off electricity before evacuating everyone to safety.

Lost Child or Luggage In A Crowded Building

Individuals who undergo security training programs in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and other regions of NSW are skilled in handling large crowds. They also understand the distress faced by parents on losing a child and the trauma felt by the little one who is separated from his loved ones. They protect the child and calm them down until they reunite them with the guardians after due security check.

Scuffles or Fights Between Groups

Sometimes, angry customers or antisocial elements can create a disturbance in the building. The problem can escalate and turn ugly when blows are exchanged or fights ensue after an argument. In some cases, disgruntled employees can start a fight or get into a brawl with a co-worker. Security guards must get the situation under control by restraining the aggressor and informing the police if necessary.

Armed Assailants or Bomb Scare on the Premises

In the past few years, terrorist attacks in public places have increased, including schools. Many stabbing and firing incidents have claimed innocent lives. Thus, security guards who opt for security training programs in NSW are trained to handle these situations. Whether it is a terrorist attack or bomb scare, they know the drill and follow the protocol. They ensure minimum injury to civilians and capture of the assailant until the police arrive.

Wrapping Up

Security is paramount in any building because of the rising number of threats. Thus, security guards in NSW must be trained to respond to every type of emergency promptly and effectively.