Qualities Needed to Become A Skilled Security Guard

Security is one of the biggest concerns for buildings that experience high passing foot traffic. Every commercial, financial and administrative building needs security checks at the entry to ensure authorised members and genuine customers are allowed in the premises. Whether it is a business centre, shopping centre, museum, hospital, stadium, or a bank, every high risk space must be protected by skilled and trained security guards.

Many young and physically fit individuals wish to enter the industry. However, they need to enrol in security training programs in NSW to ensure they are qualified for these positions in esteemed organisations. Besides learning the tricks of trade, here are some qualities that must be developed by them to get these jobs.

Alertness and Proactive Attitude

A security guard has to scan everyone entering the building and look out for suspicious activities. They have to be aware of their surroundings and happenings to identify threats and nab the antisocial elements before they can create a problem. Thus, they must be vigilant and pre-empt challenges to avoid troubles that can affect everyone present on the premises. They should have the knack to identify suspicious activities and individuals instantly and keep things in control.

Required Qualifications and Training

Security guards must complete the relevant security training program in NSW from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). It is vital to have Certificate II in Security Operations (CPP20212). An additional First-Aid certificate can add value to your resume and help you find a job at a reputed organisation. You must learn about using tech to maintain security on the premises with the help of CCTV cameras, alarm systems, metal detectors, etc.

Quickly Springing into Action

Managing security at a building requires being on your toes and jumping into action when necessary. In emergency situations, even a slight delay can lead to damaging consequences. For example, a holdup in administering CPR to a person can be fatal. Thus, security guards must be prepared to handle any situation with all the required gadgets and suitable clothing to get started. They must develop quick reflexes to react quickly in adverse situations.

Leadership Qualities and Empathy

A security guard should have the qualities of a leader who can take charge of the situation without fail. They must be able to guide others in the team when the situation demand teamwork and encourage others to showcase their best talent in trying situations. They must be team players and keep the interests of all the members in consideration and appreciate them for their efforts. They must be open to adapting to new situations and listening to ideas presented by the team members.

High Fitness Levels and Mental Strength

Security personnel cannot be lethargic or unfit. They have to be physically healthy and mentally strong to be able to take action when needed, such as running behind an assailant, overpowering an attacker, jumping over obstacles and heights, etc. They must maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid alcohol consumption and smoking. They must practice mindfulness to manage suppressed anger and stay cool in alarming situation to make decisions effectively.

Wrapping Up

Skilled security guards must undergo required security training in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and other regions of NSW. In addition, they must develop qualities like physical fitness, promptness, leadership and a positive attitude to perform well.